Peter Hamilton
Software Engineer


I am a former academic, turned software engineer, who thrives when tackling challenging problems and learning new technologies. I’ve demonstrated effectiveness in a broad range of software domains, including building hardware SDKs and creating UX prototypes. In my previous life, my research explored ways of improving the developer experience of creating the cross-device interactions envisioned by Ubiquitous Computing.


Languages: Python, Javascript, Node.js, C++, Java, C#, C

Frameworks: React, Unity, D3.js, QT, Android, OpenGL

Data Management: MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase

Recent Highlights

  • Maintaining and expanding a C++ library that connects to prototype hardware sensors and provides an API for interacting with them.
  • Leading the development of an internal messaging library used to standardize data transmission between applications (Python, C++, C#) and across devices.
  • Building interactive demos and analysis tools for hardware sensors (Unity, QT, and OpenGL).
  • Creating the SDK for the BendShape Sensor: API (Python, C++, C#), documentation, test suite, and internal deploy scripts.

For further career details, see my LinkedIn Profile.